Measurement Tool

Diff Digitizer

Jly 12, 2019 release



The Diff Digitizer can provide a numeric value to measure oil viscosity and the diff. It help the drivers to evaluate or replicate a certain hardness after building, maintenance or setup.
Diff Digitizer provides numeric data to the drivers that helps them to evaluate if the diff has been assembled correctly or the difference between the various oils viscosity. It won’t be risky anymore to change the diff oil. The drivers will have a numeric record that will allow
them to have consistency replicate the same hardness or choose a softer or harder diff.
The Diff Digitizer was made from a single piece of aluminium and coming anodised for nice looks and durable wear. It comes with an adapter that allows you to measure 1/10th scale and Mini-Z while an optional adapter for 1/8th scale also available. The tiny tool is powered by any regular USB output or power bank. The device measures 54x28x24.8mm, it weight is 59g only.


  • Diff Digitizer
  • Wheel Nut Attachment (Mini-z racer 2WD Wheel Combined)
  • Differential attachment
  • Micro USB cable


Input Voltage 5V(USB)
Current 2A max
Display 5 digit LED
Case Size 62×24×28mm
Weight 59g